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Sponsorship Consulting

Think different, dear to do something that's never been done and put «words into action»! SMG's comprehensive sponsorship services attracts the attention of sports entities and corporations.


Today's sponsorship market demands creative thinking and new ideas, as the consumers' behavior constantly changes. Corporations strive to create the perfect marketing strategy and execution plan in order to connect with the right target market. SMG's way of thinking and way of approach gives them the creativeness needed to put «words into action» and to produce new and unique sponsorship strategies for companies wanting to make an impact.

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SMG's innovative ideas enables their clients to utilize the opportunities present in the marketplace. Through access to all type of sports, events and world-class athletes, SMG is able to connect corporate clients with the right target market and improve their overall brand value, delivering tangible results that exceed expectations.

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SMG is proud to have worked with many of Norway's largest corporations, having created some of the biggest and most valuable national sponsorships campaigns and programs.

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